Web Design
Web design project for a landscaping & gardening company, Wilding Gardening which is based in Milton Keynes.


Wilding Gardening Services have been in touch with us because they were after a new website and trusted us as their web design agency in the UK. As Myth Block we provided them with a brand new web design development. First, we focused on market research to better understand their industry, customers and competitors. Once our client provided us with their content including photographs we started the design & development process. Next, we took a step by step approach in the application process and regularly caught up with our client during each stage. Finally, we launched their new website and it turned out to be a stunning website design for their landscaping business based in Milton Keynes. Here you can have a look at their live website. 

Web Design

Web design and development with interactive effects finished with a modern touch and the green visual elements to complete the landscaping theme. We based the website on a CMS system to help our customer add more photos and visual materials in the future as imagery is the main driving point of their marketing. Finally, we finished the website design with icons, visually completing the landscaping and gardening theme of the green look of the website.


We not only provided Wilding Gardening with web design but also SEO services. Our goal in particular was to help our customer achieve a stronger position in search engine rankings once their new website was ready and active. Our on-site SEO service was combined with local market research at the geographical level as well as extensive market research to make sure their website is sufficiently visible for local customers first, and then all around the UK.


Wilding Gardening Services




Web Design


2 weeks

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