Magazine design and print with a complete branding for MK Chronicles Magazine based in Milton Keynes.


MK Chronicles is a Milton Keynes based local magazine publishing which is a sister product of Myth Block. We built up the corporate identity design for MK Chronicles as well as the magazine design. We also fulfilled the printing requirements of the magazine. Initially, we focused on market research to analyse the local competition and observe the potential advertisers. Our main goal was to prepare a complete corporate identity design to have a strong foundation. Once the branding was ready, we created the magazine layout. In addition to the magazine design, we also worked on the advert designs of some customers. We worked on the first 5 editions of the magazine until now and provided 10,000 monthly copies. On top of this, we worked on the digital publishing of the magazine as well. Last but not least, we managed the social media marketing, web design project and email marketing campaigns as well. Here is a link to our portfolio where you can see the web design and marketing project details.

Also, here is a direct link to their live website as well to explore more.


Corporate identity involves a combination of various imagery and other elements to create the visual identity of the company. In other words, it’s the fingerprints of the brand that directly communicate with the customers. We, therefore, started the process by performing an intensive brainstorming session along with extensive market research. Following that, we created the logo design concepts and the brand guidelines. The outcome is a recognisable and impactful brand identity project for MKC.

On top of that, we used the initials of the city, Milton Keynes which will create a communication bridge between the magazine and its readers.


Once the brand identity design was ready, our next goal was to create the magazine layout and concepts. Initially, we prepared 3 different design layouts and picked the best for MK Chronicles.

We then worked on the content creation and cover design for the first edition; however, this was an on-going process as every edition has its own unique cover design. Furthermore, we also designed the inner advert pages for those advertisers who opted for this service. As soon as the design and content were ready, for each and all editions, we finished by providing the 10,000 printed copies ready for distribution.


MK Chronicles Magazine




Graphic Design & Printing


6 weeks

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