Branding project for a personal trainer based in Milton Keynes.


Branding and graphic design project for a well known personal trainer based in Milton Keynes, UK. First, we focused on preliminary research to analyse and develop an understanding regarding his customer base. Although we previously have experience within the fitness and sports field, it is vital to maintain best-approach and start from scratch. Fundamentally, no one industry ever remains unchanged. We began our process with their logo design and next we designed his business card with a modern touch on the backside texture. Finally, we undertook the printing process of the design work. We also designed a magazine advert page for him which was published in MK Chronicles Magazine, also based in Milton Keynes. You can have a look at the magazine’s digital version from their live website.


As we all know, branding is the visual identity of your company; especially, if your goal is to turn your business into a well-recognised “brand”. With this in mind, we spent a good amount of time in the brainstorming process to start with. We, therefore, started the process by preparing a brand guideline for our client. The brand guideline is vital in defining some borders and boundaries for a brand during the design process. For example, it’s in the brand guideline that we defined the 2 main colours to be used across all the design works. This is also key to ensure we remain modern and up to date with social media norms in today’s digital world.


Our graphic design and content creation process was based on the brand guidelines and colour theme that were created for our client. In addition to that, we designed content for their social media, as well as a business card design and magazine adverts. We added a strong structure to the design and used this bold theme across both digital and printed platforms.


SB Fitness & Therapy






2 weeks

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