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Website Design
Website design project with an online ordering system for a well-known restaurant based in Milton Keynes.


After a few years of marketing and advertising work with them, they decided to revamp their website design. First, we started by carrying out an in-depth marketing research to find out what the best solution would be during the pandemic. With this in mind, we decided to have a one-pager website with an aim to increase the time spent on their website. The target behind this choice was to lead potential customers to call to action points with a smooth user interface. Also, we implemented an online ordering system on the website. This is equally important to its web design interface during the pandemic period. Overall, we came up with a unique design that we are proud of, similar to our other projects. You can check out the restaurant’s live website here.

Web Design & Online Ordering

Online ordering system in addition to the responsive website design and development. We used strong visuals on this project, especially on the landing page to match the authentic nature of the name “Passage to India” and the atmosphere of the restaurant. We used a CMS system for easy control of future imagery in addition to the current gallery. Last but not least, our implemented responsive takeaway system is vital for our customer’s online visibility to the local customer base with a smooth interface.


In addition to our web design and online ordering tool we implemented, we worked on the SEO side of the project as well. For a restaurant like Passage to India, photography is really important. Therefore, our focus was to increase the use of photographs across the website. Likewise, we also increased the frequency of their appearance on social media to create channels for more backlinks to the website. As a result of this approach, we observed a significant increase in their search engine visibility which helps them to attract more local customers via their new website.


Passage to India




Website Design


2 weeks

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